Kimolos, despite its small size, has some very interesting sightseeing, besides the archaeological places and temples.


The most impressive of all of course is the Skiadi, a rocky formation that, having been slanted from the winds, looks like a giant mushroom. It is almost in the centre of the island, in the west of Sklavos.

The Windmills

In Xaplovouni and in the area of Karkani, the visitor can see traditional windmills, in Panoclima the old wooden bridge with a view to the steep ravines and the temaces of Xevri, a little before Saint Anargiron Church, the “ambourthecti”. Also, in Prassas’ settlement there are facilities of thermal springs while from Saint George’s cape you can see the seal’s Monachus Monachus caves. In the wetland of Aliki you can observe a lot of migratory birds, until late in spring and in Kalamitsi the carved human shape on the rock, with the sign “ΕΝΑΛΙΟΣ ΑΙΘΡΑ”. (Marine Patios).

In addition the sunset in Maurospilia and Aspragremna, both in the area of the Greek, the volcanic rocks “AT OLD Nickola’s ta Psila (HIGH-UP)” , the remains of the machining of the porions(big rocks) in saint Nikola’s port, the old ladder loading ferromanganese in Saint Minas the bentonite mining area, a little bit further, the sunken cave in Vromolimno and the sculpture in the shape of an elephant at the rocks in the area of Goupa.

Lastly, if you have a watercraft, you can visit the Pelekite cave in Kakopotamos and the uninhabited island of Poliegos.