The sea in Kimolos is beautiful and clear while the majority of the visitors for all tastes, will reward even the most demanding visitor.
The Prassa beach or Saint George’s is located at the northern part of the island it has white sand and under its homonym chapel there is a series sea caves.

In Psathi, where Kimolos port is there is also the most crowded beach of the island as well as shops for food and drink. Here you can also see Sirmata, caves carved in the rock, in which fisherman secure their boats at winter.

The closet beach from the island, is reached at an only ten minutes distance on foot, is called Rema, it’s totally windless and it’s located next to the fishing settlement of Goupa. Here, beyond the wires, the visitor can admire Rematonisa. A little futher down there is Karas beach, ideal for diving in the water.

Continuing to the east we reach Clima beach, where you can find plenty of shade, even though there are often strong winds blowing.
Similar conditions predominate in Monastiria, but if you walk a little, you can come up to the nearby beach, which is windless and is called Soufi.

South and west from the island, there are three more beaches, equally crowded as Psathi, with shallow but very clear waters: Aliki, Bonatsa and Kalamitsi, a double beach with a view to the Kimolos-Milos passage and visitors from both islands.

Besides the above, where the visitor can go by car, with a watercraft someone can approach Gerakia’s cave, in the homonymous cavo which is offered for exploration, and walking in the shallow water. Also, in Agioklima beaches, with the hot spring that gushes the foreshore Therma, Mersinia, Zefokalamo white basically every estuary is offered for swimming.