The Revenue of the Virgin on November 21th where the Virgin is celebrated, the island’s protector and the Metropolitan temple of the island.
The Assumption of the Mary on August 15th, with the celebration starting from August 1st with every day evening solicitations in the metropolitan temple and it culminating the day before and on that day with a festival, litany with the escort of a military band and the dance of the Chalk’s Association.

On September 13th , the day before the celebration of the Holly Cross, the residents of the island light a fire, where they burn the wreaths and the flower bouquets of Protomagia(1st of May). This custom is called Kapsalos and also includes jumping over the fire with the escort of satirical songs.

The memory of saint Methodia, the islands potion (saint), on October 5th.
Also, in the summer, the visitor can celebrate along with the residents at the following dates and places.

20th of July in Prophiti Ilias
26th of July in Saint Paraskevi in Xaplovouni
27th of July in Saint Panteleiomonas
6th of August the Tranformation of the Savour, the island and the Vine
23th of August “Virgin of the Navena (9 days)”
27th of September in Pantokratoras in Xaplovouni
2nd of September in Saint Mama, at the southwest selvages of the island