Kimolos is a volcanic island, characterized by the those elements we encounter on most Cycladic islands. Blue-green crystalline waters, distinct beaches, shiny pebbles and gray-white beaches. The characteristics of the volcano and the power of nature have kept company to the natural beauty of the island over the years, while composing a fascinating landscape.

The position of the island is such that its main harbor, during the years of antiquity, was a point of reference for commercial transactions. The main harbor of Kimolos is called Psathi and is located on the southeastern side of the island. It is the starting point of your visit to the island as it all starts from there.

The main port of the island is also the one supporting the Kimolos-Piraeus and Kimolos-Lavrion ferries as well as the ships on the Milos-Kimolos ferry connection. In Psathi you can find restaurants and suggestions for accommodation on the island while in a very short distance you can find the settlement Chorio Kimolos, which is also the largest in population settlement of the island.

One very important point is that Kimolos has beaches in close proximity, for a last dive in the sea before your departure from Kimolos.