Kimolos is one of the islands that belong to the Cyclades complex and is located in the South Aegean. It borders with the island of Milos and Sifnos, but also with two smaller islands, Antimilos and Polyaigos. It is 87 nautical miles from the main port of Piraeus and 85 miles from the port of Lavrion.

The distance from the other popular Cycladic islands is small, especially with Milos, which is about 1 kilometer away. The strait that separates these two islands is about half a mile and is called Amoni.

The main harbor of Kimolos is Psathi and is located in the southeastern part of the island. This port is also the main link of the island with the other Cycladic islands as well as the port of Piraeus and Athens.

But how can one reach Kimolos?

In Kimolos, one can go by ferry from the port of Piraeus as well as from the port of Lavrion. In these two ports, the coastal routes to the island are shaped according to season. The coastal connection of Kimolos, however, does not stop there! The island is also connected by ferry with the island of Milos, while one can also go by private boat.

What’s the best way to go to Kimolos?

The ways to go to the island of Kimolos vary depending on the time available to you and the reason for your visit to the island. The transition to the island can take place in the following ways:

Ferry connections with Kimolos

The main harbor of Kimolos, Psathi, is 87 nautical miles from the port of Piraeus and 85 nautical miles from the port of Lavrion. These are also the two largest ports that provide a coastal connection to the island. The duration of your trip may vary depending on the ship you choose for your trip, which averages between four and seven hours.

Arrive to Kimolos by private boat

One of the best and most interesting choices to find yourself on the island of Kimolos is to get there by private boat. By choosing your own route and where you will tie your boat, the journey can become a whole new experience. The island has countless points to explore. Vacation in Kimolos with a boat is definitely a unique experience.

Ferry connection between Milos – Kimolos

The coastal connection between the islands of Milos and Kimolos is almost daily. The small distance of these two islands allows for connection between them both with conventional ships and with smaller ships of the sea taxi type. Of course, very often, especially during the summer, there are even smaller boat trips.