In Kimolos many customs and traditions remain alive. Some of them can be found below.

In Kimolos, it is a rule that the first child if it’s a boy to take its grandfather’s name from the side of his father and if it’s a girl, the name of her grandmother from the side of her mother, this way the continuation of the name is ensured.
In the weddings along with the wedding sugared almonds, they offer a pastel, so that the life of the couple will be sweet and so that they will always be “stuck” to each other. In older times, they also offered the wedding biscuits, with elaborate decorative designs.

An even older custom was that of the divination of dreams. The night before Saint Katherine’s celebration (25thNovember), the families took “prosphora” to the church. After the evening prayer, the priest would give to every young woman there the central part of the “prosphoro” , with the stamp and that girl would then place it under her pillow, before falling asleep, while at the same time doing an invocation to Saint Katherine. According to that custom, after repeating the invocation for three nights, the saint would appear in the dream and reveal who she would be married to.

On August 23th, Kimolean women made the Lathenia, a type of bread, which included tomato, onion and a lot of oil.